As one of Germany’s leading consulting firms Public One specialises in strategic and aim-oriented cooperation with public institutions, social-profit organisations and policy makers.

Against this backdrop we help men and women in different institutions and areas of politics to question established routines and review their sustainability and efficiency.

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The new brochure of Public One


Governance consulting is the art of generating benefits for all stakeholders when it comes to tricky issues and complex interests.


The question of whether there are also organisations without strategy has rarely been asked by science and practice.


Solving your own problem without considering the environment will fail.


Gaining orientation, improving structures, inspiring people.


Diversity instead of simplicity, passion instead of duty, excellence instead of mediocrity and always ready to go an extra mile for our customers…


Leadership that wants to be professional needs an ethical foundation.


Our proven consulting methods and products make a valuable contribution to the development of your strategy, organisation and management.

Our main areas

Strategy building

Public One supports building of strategies in organisations, teams and deparments.

Development of Organisations

Any attempt of one person to singlehandedly find a solution to a problem involving everybody must fail.


He who wants to guide others has to guide himself and has to be willing to shape his own development. Publich One supports decision makers and executives in their effort to find their own way to “good government” with an eye on the organistaitonal realities given.

Cooperation management

Well funktioning cooperations take their decisions not by way of their powers but on the basis of a negotiation serving mutual requirements. Publich One will assist you organise this process of negotiation.

Evaluation and impact monitoring

You can’t manage what you do not measure. If you want do develop organisations you should not build on dreams. Any ambitious plan has to funktion in the real world. For that every manager needs hard facts.