Developing capabilities together

To organise one’s own abilitiy to effect meaningful change is perhaps the most complicated task organisations and their management have to accomplish, if they want to avoid well trodden paths. That is what consultants are for. They question long standing procedures, scrutinise solutions for possible flaws and galvanise into action generally. Their contribution is necessary for new ways developing in an organisation.

Public One is one of Germany’s leading management consultants to specialise in providing advice and accompany  public organisations , social-profit organisations and policy makers. We work together with people in organisations and areas of policy who are looking for fresh ways and new objectives. We help organisations to avoid giving the existing routines rule status.

Our main fields of activity – building strategies, developing organsiations and executive staff  – are complemented by  our expertise in consulting in the area of international cooperation.

Our consultants are bright women and men of variegated skills and competence. Together with our clients they will work with precision, passionately and creatively towards their objective. Since the year 2000 we have realised many projects in Germany and world-wide. We successfully executed projects in Afghanistan, Armenia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Estonia, India, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Singapore, South-Africa, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda and the U.S.A.

Our clients value the positive, lively and reliable way our consultants apprach their assignments. To cope with the challenges borne by a dynamic world we offer our clients the full benenfit of an intensive dialogue between academic research and science on one side  and extendive first-hand experience in economy on the other.

We at Public One see ourselves as a multi-stakeholder consulting business which acts as intermediate link between politics, administration, economy and the private sector. Our expertise is in working their diverging, idiosyncratic ways of acting and making decisions into a solid base from where to work changes of lasting effect, always bearing in mind a positive cooperation with all parties involved and improving existing capabilities concurrently.


Gain orientation, improve structures, motivate your people

Public One builds new strategies, asks the necessary questions as to purpose, use and road-map and will provide the suitable methods to develop new hypotheses and usable scenarios to get the right answers. Public One develops organisations, plans structural change, holds presentations, documents step by step, intervenes, provokes, creates and orchestrates in order to animate and stir up organisations to try and master contemporary challenges. Public One aims at encouraging people to take the lead using their authenitcity, their resourcefulness, their values and their competence.

At the interface of politics, administration, economy, social profit, NGO’s and society Public One focusses on the improvement of strategy, organisations and management.

Suited to the matter in hand we choose our methods carefully. Presentations of all group sizes, surveys, quantitative as well as qualitative social research, online and one-stage presentations, third-party perspective evaluation, documentation, coaching and supervision, leadership development, blended learning, scenario planing, thinking, analysis, multi-stakeholder-dialogues, actor analysis, professionally qualified consultation are all part of our repertory. Our attitude towards our clients well will always be respectful, self-aware learners. At the same time we will not be afraid to cover inconvenient scenarios and topics.

Our topics are as manifold as our clients‘ requests.

Our history

In time things will fall into place…

We believe that quality matures over time. We appreciate Public One’s devolpment over the years. With tentative beginnings in the nineties, officially founded in 2000 and restructured in 2005, Public One developed successfully as a solely privately financed enterprise in the market. The founding members came together having worked with the Munich based Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Oxford‘s Mondus Ltd. and Bertelsmann corporation.

Having left Public One in 2003, founding member Max von Bismarck is now Director General for Europe with Sky Bridge Capital, one of the leading alternative investment businesses. Today he assists Public One as member of the advisory board. From Septembre 2005 until May 2011 he served as Director and Head of  Investors with the World Economic Forum. There he built and headed an international committee dealing with the World Economic Forum’s activities and relationship with finance and investment on a global basis.

Quite a number of Public One’s former consultants are currently working for renowned companies all over the world and are members of  Public One’s alumni network.

Over the span of years since its establishment Public One has been steadily developing as regards the subject matter as well as its methods. Apart from a strong tendency towards  international cooperation there is one important aspect which has made Public One what it is today: our complementary approach between systemic consulting and public sector expertise.

We liaise closely with many associate consultants around the globe. In Germany, there are currently twelve of  our consultants based at Public One’s Berlin branch, which maintains another set of offices in the town of Essen in the heart of the Ruhr.


Embracing complexity, passion for work, excellence must mean surpassing the ordinary standarts – and always ready to go the extra mile for our clients…

In real life real persons make the difference. At Public One you will meet authentic men and women excelling at what they do: economists, experts in public management and governance, administrative scientists, political scientists as well as psychologists, pedagogues and sociologists. When it comes to consulting, we believe in diversity – different nations, gender, walks of life, philosophies and our consultants competence in many a field. You will not find a regiment of consultants in uniform pin stripes. We value the advantage of having different view points at hand and we regard solutions trying to reduce a complex issue to a binary ‘good’ or ‘bad’ with apprehension.

We put faith in values and we are proud of our consultants’ awareness of their lives being more than Public One. Our women and men are also committed to change the world for the better as voluntary contributors, unpaid volunteers, members of various political parties and non governmental organisations. Talents with broadened horizons and curious minds willing to risk leaving the well-trodden paths in order to find new perspectives have their place with us. Passion for work, high competence and their willingness to go the extra mile for our clients are qualities we all share at Public One.