Developing capabilities together

Federal Agency, Eschborn

Survey of employees and coaching of the management.

Party political foundation, Berlin

Instrument analysis of a capacity-building program of international cooperation.

Federal ministry, Berlin

Executive feedback

Competition regulator, Bonn

Executive coaching and team development

Department of state, Potsdam

Developing a concept for Clustermanagement.

Bundesagentur (part of a federal ministry, Germany)

Introducing a Balanced Scorecard for strategic guidance.


Capacity Development for economic and regional development in Serbia.


Capacity Assessment of a strategic decision making committee of the Ghanaian vice president.

Federal ministry, Bonn

Configuration of a knowledge based product portfolio „Knowledge Sharing“ within the framework

Regionale Bildungsakademie, Montenegro (political foundation, Montenegro)

Formation of a network for the management of ethics and integrity in the public sector.

Interest group, Berlin

Requirements analysis and process analysis for Compliance-Management.