Reflected consulting, methods based on scientific research, being in conversation with knowledge communities worldwide – We cooperate with able partners in science and business.

Our clients’ complex and sometimes interconnected problems call for a innovative approach in consulting. As nobody is as universally knowledgeable to get to the bottom of  truly complicated issues  we define the art of counsulting as methodical enactment of a co-production of different groups with interest or demands in the subject. Those groups have one thing in common: The longing for the solution to said problem and the willingness to work hard to solve it.

For us consulting is a collaborative dialogue between actors from the business side, science, the arts ect. Public One collaborates globally with  leading specialists. Our own consultants are themselves part of a worldwide knowledge community and have a network of  well known international universities and research establishments available.

Consultant network

Madiba Consult / Madiba Group, Bonn

CBE, Amsterdam

OSB International, Wien

Kompetus Managementberatung, Berlin

BAR PACIFICO/ Gestaltung und Prozesse, Berlin

DILEAS – Partner für Gemeinnützigkeit, Berlin


YMCA University of Applied Sciences, Kassel

Evangelische-Bank-Institut für Ethisches Management, Kassel

Universität Witten, Herdecke

Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht, Berlin

EIPA – European Institute of Public Administration, Brüssel

Institut für Interdisziplinäre Arbeitswissenschaft der Leibniz-Universität Hannover