„A professional management needs a code of ethics“

Reinhard Kardinal Marx Archbishop of Munich and Freising, chairman of the German Bishop’s Conference

We at Public One know that to adhere to absolute ethical principles in a world of crosslinked factors influencing decision making is not easy.  A respectable business person should therefore be supported by a sophisticated Compliance and Ethics program. Nonetheless men and women, who orientate themselves to base their actions on their values even if this should not prove to  be the way of least resistance.

Virtues such as modesty, kindness, sincerity, diligence, loyality and reliability may sound not too fashionable but they remain important building blocks for a successful relationship between business partners. By building on this fundament, credibility, sustainability and exemplary status can be achieved. We consider the following company values as vital:


We approach any Consulting effort holistically. This means that upcoming issues will be analysed with their past and contemporary context and ramifications in mind. Especially for companies in the high tech sector company culture and soft skills are of the essence. So Public One pays equal attention to interpersonal skill and technological issues.

Success orientation

The object of Public One is to implement our projects successfully in terms of economy, technical and social competence. If  a project is a success is jugded by our client only.

Customer orientation

The human being ist the focus of Public One’s attention. Our team is dedicated to meeting our customer’s requirements. All our Consulting services are precisely tailored to our clients‘ particular needs and wishes.


Transparency is a core element of our Consulting effort. At the outset of each project our client and Public One will set an agenda of precise objectives. To achieve these objectives while keeping the budget and meeting the timeframe will be supervised by our experienced project managers.